SLOW it Down—Slow Fashion in a Fast World


When is speed too much? If fast fashion represents a keeping up of demand in our over-consuming world, can the idea of progress actually be represented in a slowing down of this consumption?

Shopism, Lesson #2: Go SLOW. Big thought—but the idea is simple.


“SLOW”, it’s an easy word to remember, but this acronym should truly represent core practices of Shopism: “Shop with intent.” “Purchase with Pride.” “Keep and Reinvest” and “Wear with Care”.

Firstly, to get you more acquainted with the global slow fashion movement I’ve included two articles below that spell out the core principles behind the Shop Slow movement:
Source: The Nine Things You Need to Know About Slow Fashion | Huffington Post

Today’s mainstream fashion industry relies on globalised, mass production where garments are transformed from the design stage to the retail floor in only a few weeks. With retailers selling the latest fashion trends at very low prices, consumers are easily swayed to purchase more than they need. But this overconsumption comes with a hidden price tag, and it is the environment and workers in the supply chain that pay.

Source: The Slow Fashion Movement | Essay | Feature | NOT JUST A LABEL


I’ll breakdown “SLOW” of Shopism from both a big picture and next door perspective and tackle each position, “SAVE, LOVE, OWN, WEAR” in their own posts.