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The Cost, Conditions and Categories of Choosing what to Consign.

It’s time. It’s time to take that pile of clothes that you’ve identified as, “no longer wanted” and to turn them into cash for you and a new collection piece for someone else. Now, you can’t do this with just any garment. Here are some quick ways you can ensure the right pieces are going to the right consignors/resellers.

First, you need to divide them by price point and then by wear. As a rule of thumb, the price point generally corresponds with the quality of the garment. It doesn’t matter if you purchased the item for full-retail or on clearance or used, as long as it’s in good condition.
To help determine price point I’ve added a grid that can aid in determining how much a garment would sell for, who designed it, what category it falls into and where it is usually sold at. This should help especially if it was a present or you bought it consigned to begin with. Please feel free to refer back to this page for reference.

For Price Point: break them out between: Haute Couture (but for our purposes we’re leaving this out only 10 house design Haute Couture in the world), Avant Garde (not including, limited quantities) or Luxury Items. Next, Designer. Better, Bridge, Mid-Fashion, Moderate, Contemporary, Budget or Mass-Market/Fast-Fashion, and Discount/Outlet.

As a helpful tool, Vestiaire Collective launched a resale calculator so you can estimate how much you might receive if you decide to give the “good” goods up to them.

Vestiaire Collective’s Resale Calculator. Find out how much your pre-loved pieces could be worth!

Source: Luxury resale store, find pre-owned fashion on Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Resale Calculator

Once category and price is determined, now you have to look at its condition.
Does it have minor signs of wear or have you worn it out? If the answer is the latter, it’s better to find a charity shop to donate the item too (I’ll address the overcrowding of donation plants at a later date and why upcycling might be a better option).

If the item is still in good, wearable and sometimes even like-new condition it is perfect for consigning/reselling and making some of your money back!