New Year, New Do

They say, “New Year, New You”. “They” in particular are the numerous brands, retailers and product pushers out there that want you to take up or take home a new habit, gym membership, food program, diet fad or even a whole new wardrobe. Its consume or be doomed to the marketer. I should know, I started out my career in advertising as a copywriter and I was the one expected to write quippy one-liners making you want to start the year out new with (insert brand here) their new product or service. In the past, I’ve probably written “new year new you” a million times and in all honesty, not meant it with any hint of sincerity, even if I knew that to the end-user, it was incredibly convincing.
Though the idea of starting something new is great, we all know how unbelievably difficult it is to stick with. Take this project for example, this is my first post in months – why you ask? I had a baby, my second kiddo and you know what “they” also say, “two kids, fours times the work”. There I was: the spirit willing, but the body nigh – I was almost there. As it is, it’s taken a couple of months to be able to properly write just about anything.

I’m back and the idea of a new anything, a resolution seems like an intriguing combination of not only being benign against the bigger issues out there but also doable. Do, accomplish, reach – I like those words.
What if we didn’t buy anything? What if we decided to make and create with what we already have? I decided to take the concept of “new year, new you” and turn into something attainable. Let’s change, “new you” to “new do”. No, not a hairstyle, a very small, easy to grasp, lifestyle task. Let’s “do good”, “do more”, “do a little extra something” for us and for our planet.
My “do” – is this blog, project, idea starter. To “do” a little bit of it each week, whether it be posting a message, linking to a great idea or trying something offline that relates to consigning & recycling. Whatever the scale, I’ll be doing something to help with sustainability of clothing and each action will hopefully lead to more.
Sounds good to me. It also sounds eerily like a Home Depot ad but that’s my advertising filter at work, not necessarily yours.

What about you? What’s your new do?

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