Love It or Leave It

You’ve decided that it’s time to do a little Spring cleaning of your closet. Fantastic! This is a great idea. Now, where do you begin and when you’re done, what do you do with all those unwanted clothes?

Shopism, Lesson #1: Is your closet hanging on or is it time for some garments to hit the road. Here are 7 Key Steps to figuring that out:

Let’s start with your “love it” list.
1. Have you determined which items you’re keeping and which are going? Your criteria for this may be based off of style, how old it is or how new it is. What size you are now vs. when the last time you wore it or even the season.

2. I want you to take a step back and assess why it is that you love that item. What makes it special for you. Perhaps you have positive memories associated with it. Or it’s just a timeless piece. Really try to place a “value” around why you’re keeping something, that t-shirt that goes with everything, or an all-seasons coat.

3. Write it down! No matter what the value is, remember it, capture it and start to keep a running list of why something is worth hanging on to – this action will help you get through the process much faster down the road.

4. Next, take a look at your “leave it” pile. What’s exactly in this heap? Are there items that are worn out or that you never actually wore? What is your criteria for getting rid of something.

5. Repeat Step 3. Do the same exercise as you did with your “keepers” and document why something simply has to go. You might be surprised by the outcome.

6. Now, take a step back and review your two groups. See if there are some new outfit pairings you can bring together. Maybe that “love it” tried and true tee is just what those “leave it” skinnies needed to really bring them into today? Try to mix-and-match two or three new outfits out of either both piles. If you can’t do it, then you’ve definitely sorted them correctly.

7. Finally, if you can, re-evaluate what you’re keeping and giving away. By rethinking your wardrobe and curating new looks, you’ll spend less time and less money in the long run shopping for something you already had. Now doesn’t that feel great?