Free Your Closet – Become Zero Waste

Today is Independence Day in the USA. For all the non-Americans out there, the US will gather together to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, drink beer and generally do it all with a few thousand red, white and blue items floating around. While people are celebrating an idea of freedom I thought it would be a great time to talk about the idea of freeing your closet by becoming “waste-free”. But what does zero-waste really mean? According to some, it is the idea that what you put in you take out and they balance each other out. You neither consume more than you produce. This concept can be applied to your lifestyle and taken a level down – to your closet. When you look at your wardrobe, how can you make sure that what you buy is netting neutral.

  1. Make sure the product in equals the product out. That way you are not only making sure you are not spending money needlessly (especially if you sell your “product out” and make a little money back, but you are also adding to the proliferation of pollution but potentially buying garments made of plastic, etc.
  2. Look for natural fibers, not garments that are made of man-made materials. I’m talking about your favorites here: polyester, lycra, and nylon which not only can contribute to microplastics spilling into the ocean and waterways. Plus, natural fabrics can be more comfortable on our skin as well. Though buying a silk blouse is more expensive than a polyester one, look to resale and trade to help reduce the cost.
  3. Share these practices with your social network, friends, and co-workers so your efforts can multiply. The more people that think before they shop the more of a world we will collectively save. It’s the little things that can add up to a larger effort.