Free Your Closet – Become Zero Waste

July 4, 2019

Today is Independence Day in the USA. For all the non-Americans out there, the US will gather together to eat…

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Love It or Leave It

When it’s time to let go of the clothing you love, you just know—or do you? Here are seven steps to figuring out what stays and what goes when Spring cleaning calls. 

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Rules to Reap By

You're ready to consign but how do figure out just what each consignor is looking for? Learn how to assess your own wardrobe and pick-out the money makers.

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The 3 D’s in Clothing Consignment

You're ready to consign your clothes, but now what? Learn about the 3D’s: Decide, Deliver & Deposit and how where to trade-in your clothes for cash.

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What is Apparel Anthropologist?

  • Anthropology: is the study of humans, past and present.
  • Apparel: is clothing, especially outerwear; garments; attire; raiment.

Together: Apparel Anthropologist is dedicated to the observation, analysis and advice on considering what to wear and finding new ways to think about and interact with clothing: from making smarter purchases, to buying local, and even looking at the bigger picture of how your daily decisions can make a difference for both you and your environment.

This is both a cultural study and a practical one. The hope is that I can also provide some tips on how to access your closet, cycle through the seasons, recycle, upcycle, and reinvent your wardrobe month after month.